At PYRAMID, our “vision” is rather unique in the professional architecture and engineering services field. As we look to the future, it is our hope that we can look to the past and resurrect the formerly “traditional” role of architect and engineer as “master builder”. From antiquity through the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, the master builder was the key person on a construction project who was fully and solely responsible for the undertaking and completion of the entire project. Regrettably, it was during the litigious 20th Century that this master builder concept was lost, and the architect and engineer began ceding responsibilities to general contractors and construction managers who were more willing to take on these duties. The result was the loss of a professional overseer and advocate for the owner, and the creation of a “team” of players who had often competing and confusing responsibilities and goals on a project.


For the 21st Century, PYRAMID brings back that complete role of master builder by accepting a greater responsibility on projects than most other architects and engineers. And it is not only in the “typical” services of architecture, engineering, interior design programming, and feasibility studies that we take on this greater role, but in the “atypical” services we also offer, such as:

  1. Expanded construction administration services
  2. Forensic investigations
  3. Post-occupancy evaluations
  4. Building commissioning
  5. Owner representation

We believe that our clients are served better by our becoming involved, as licensed professionals, in the full scope of the project. This extensive involvement has allowed us to develop a methodology of bidding and constructing projects that is unique to most architecture and engineering firms. Due to our extensive knowledge of construction and our willingness to become more involved in all aspects of a project, it is our practice to divide a project into a variety of trade packages, which eliminates the tiered system of general contractor and subcontractors which is the conventional method of project delivery. Because the overhead and profit of a general contractor is eliminated, this methodology results in a less expensive construction cost and allows us as licensed professionals to have more control over the entire project, including budget, schedule, and communication between all parties involved, thus alleviating problems such as slowdowns and cost overruns. This control also allows us to offer an “open book” approach to our projects, wherein clients have access to all vital information on their projects, specifically through secure internet access to our firm’s website.


To summarize our vision, it is our hope to “demystify” the design and construction process for our clients and to bring back the timeless concept of “master builder”, in order to achieve structures and systems that withstand the test of time.

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