Be ready, with an up-to-date central dispatch facility

An efficient Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, facility means exceptional response times and a sustainable plan for the future. Ensure that your EOC facility matches technology requirements, staffing parameters, and is financially acceptable with a Pyramid consultation service.

We provide:

Technology Assessments

Pyramid assesses the maintenance of tech requirements, provides an outlook on Computer Aided Disptach, or CAD, investments, and assesses the current and/or prospective automate technology; such as, automatic vehicle location, or AVL.

Staffing Results

Pyramid appraises the current staffing levels and takes into account the potential needs of the present/future EOC facility including call volumes, financial situation, and technology, among other things.

Dispatch Consolidation Planning

Pyramid personalizes each dispatch consolidation planning consultation according to the client’s financial, technological, and facility restrictions. We recognize that each situation is different while maintaining a set standard of professional service, which is why Pyramid has designed a unique EOC checklist, the only one of its kind. Included in this checklist is the following:

– Planning/design

– Operations assessment

– Facility assessment

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